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BEFORE YOU APPLY, please, make sure that you read our Terms and Conditions.

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Is it Free to join Celestia as a talent?

Like any professional Aagency, we do not charge the artists and  creatives who enter our catalogue. The talents we represent and manage are selected by our panel upon professional criteria only.

What are your criteria?

To enter our catalogue, we require a minimum of 2 years of experience (even amateur) in your primary field.
After we received your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview.
Your talent, skills and experience are important to us and of course, they are at the core of our final decision. However, we are after talents and creatives who present great work ethic and ‘professionalism’. You don;t need to be a ‘professional’ show great professionalism. 

Our partners (productions companies, casting agents and directors) rely on us to provide them with talents and creatives they can count on and work with. Talents that are manageable and coachable.

This is why, at Celestia, we have a simple ‘no ego – no divas’ policy. 

It’s all about your comitment, punctuality, respect in the work place and work ethic. In other words, regardless of your experience, it’s first and foremost about how likable and reliable you are as a professional.

We can help you become a better professional; but we can’t teach anyone to be nice and respectful.