Our Mission

Scout the best talents (artists and creatives) Brisbane has to offer
Provide our clients with real professional opportunities
Help Queenland production companies find the performers and creatives they need

Our Vision

At Celestia, we love working with passionate people. All our talents are -first- selected on their level of passion for their craft but it doesn’t end there.

Along with their skills and techniques, all our talents are also selected for their professionalism, reliability and work-ethic. Celestia has a clear “No ego, no diva” policy. All our talents know that working in a production is a team work and being a good team player is paramount to the success of that production.

To be represented by us, all our talents sign a “pledge of professionalism and professional conduct”.

When you employ a Cesletia talent, you are assured that they will turn up on time and will always give their best during rehearsals, production meeting and performances.